Gain medical insights on Coursera!

What is Data Science?

The art of uncovering the insights and trends has been around for a while. …

A short guide to failures and making them work to your advantage.

Tips and suggestions to write the first words of a great story.

How to write a good story?

Growth hacking tactics from the best or how to run a startup.

The best startup books to read in 2021. Learn how to grow your startup.

Top 8 startups books in 2021

Here is a list of the best 8 startup books to read in 2021 and beyond. Evergreen classics, timeless startup knowledge.

Math courses you should take

Best Math Courses on Coursera in 2021. Learn mathematics online

9 most popular Math Courses on Coursera

Here’s the list of 9 most popular math courses on Coursera in 2021:

  1. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
  2. Introduction to Calculus
  3. Mathematics for Machine Learning
  4. Mathematics for Data Science
  5. Introduction to Logic
  6. Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  7. Data Science Math Skills
  8. Business and Financial Modeling
  9. Probability…

Let’s ape together into DeFi madness

Farming NFT created by me at OpenSea

What is yield farming?

The concept behind yield farming is simple: provide liquidity for a part of tokens, to receive a small reward each time someone makes a trade on this pair. You can go to the likes…

Best books to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Blockchain books to read in 2021 and learn about cryptocurrencies, ledger, smart contracts and more.

Blockchain books to read in 2021

First of all, I want to remark that there’s still not enough written about blockchain and the possible applications — be that…

NFTs usecases are not limited to digital art

Quantum computers and quantum computing are closer than ever before.

Quantum Books you should read in 2021

Quantum Books to read in 2021

I’m going to start this list in no particular order. Some books are easier, some harder to digest…

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