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AI avatars and talking heads

Przemek Chojecki


Synthetic media is an approach to generating content where you use artificial intelligence to generate content to have it in better quality or produce it at scale.

I love synthetic media and here’s the review of one of the cool startups in the space — Yepic AI which tries to do this entire platform where you can actually do everything from just importing script to generating the whole slides with AI Talking Heads AI avatars talking through the script that you provided.

Yepic AI Studio is a platform for AI generated videos using custom avatars and voice.

What is Yepic AI?

The platform is currently in beta but you can already register with a couple of plans and start testing, playing around the whole platform. So basically the the idea here is that you’ll be able to generate slides and marketing videos just through providing a script.

Yepic allows you to create videos in over 65 languages.

It’s very easy to update the content — just edit the script and click on generate again.

By providing a single photo, you’ll be able to create a custom AI avatar just like you and use it in marketing materials.

Yepic can be used in e-learning, real estate & many more business domains.

Where to start with AI generated content?

Yepic AI builds an AI content hub, where you can create your custom AI avatars, use synthetic voices that will read out scripts you provide.

Register at the following link to start playing with Yepic!

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Przemek Chojecki

AI & crypto, PhD in mathematics, Forbes 30 under 30, former Oxford fellow.