What social skills you need to succeed?

So many people feel empty and oppressed because they’re afraid to start.

Everyone has the ability to open up and speak up. But as a society, we stop ourselves before we even open our mouths. On the other hand people will not stop talking if you don’t speak up. Start talking. Don’t play the silent game.

Don’t be silent, talk!

What are some other techniques you can use to enhance your communication skills? Here are a few ideas:

Learn a new conversation technique

Don’t jump in with a question. Instead, make a statement and wait for a reply.

Some things to look for when using a statement technique are:

  • Using positive language.
  • Avoiding negativity.
  • Explaining your point and explaining why the statement applies.

Practice questioning, the way Einstein does

You shouldn’t try to change someone’s mind right away. Rather, ask them a question that gets to the heart of their concerns or belief.

Ask, “What do you believe?” They might have a different answer, or even disagree with you.

Keep your questions simple and avoid awkward silence

Don’t ask stupid questions in an attempt to impress someone. The guy on the subway once told me that his friend claimed “slow and steady wins the race”. It seems as though his friend was trying to impress him. Instead, I said, “With a little help from you, sir, we can do it.”

Find the right person to ask your question to

At first, start with small, personal questions that make people feel comfortable with you. Then you can move on to more, larger questions.

After asking your questions, look for the opportunity to help someone or let someone know about their interests or accomplishments.

Use emotional intelligence

I learned this skill from my friend, Danny. It’s also called emotional awareness. I recently told Danny about my newfound interest in business. Danny said, “Business is always about working with people who look for opportunities. These people will always be there.”

Emotional intelligence is the art of managing your emotions and behaving in ways that will help others feel comfortable around you. By taking emotional risks in your interactions, you will learn how to better communicate with others.

Learning to speak up is a choice we can all make.

Sometimes, the slightest change in language can make all the difference in a conversation.

Now, you may be wondering, “I guess we should start talking. What should I say?”

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CEO Contentyze, the text editor 2.0, PhD in maths, Forbes 30 under 30 — → Sign up for free at https://app.contentyze.com

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