What is content marketing?

Use content marketing in 2021.

Content marketing is a marketing technique in which companies publish content intended to offer the target group added value. Among other things, content marketing aims to improve the public’s perception of the company and to bind customers to the company.

Content marketing is one of the instruments of inbound marketing. This aims to offer potential customers relevant content when searching for information on the web.

In contrast to outbound marketing, this content is not presented on advertising banners, which the user can hardly avoid (push marketing). Instead, inbound marketing relies on providing users with relevant information to find themselves (pull marketing).

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What is content marketing and how to use it in 2021

Content Marketing as Inbound Marketing

As a sub-discipline of online marketing, inbound marketing is the reaction to user behavior on the web. The web is the number one information medium today. Before making any major purchase decisions, consumers do extensive research online to find the best product. During this research, you should be provided with relevant content according to the techniques of inbound marketing.

The content used in content marketing should offer the target group added value and thus positively influence the company’s perception and products. In contrast to other marketing disciplines (e-mail marketing, direct marketing), companies avoid direct advertising messages in content marketing and rarely highlight individual products’ performance features in detail. Besides, companies do not use content marketing to encourage their target group to buy products directly. Experts believe that content marketing will continue to gain in importance in 2014.

How content marketing works in sales

In most cases, customers don’t wait to be called out of the blue. Today it’s damn hard to get someone on the phone and get them involved in a sales call.

It is different if someone has a problem and has found the solution to your website’s problem without having to buy anything straight away. These people are much more likely to agree to a conversation with sales. Primarily, when the sales department has understood that it is better to be useful and not immediately push for a deal.

With good content, a company reaches potential customers, and the potential customer is not disturbed, as is often the case with advertising. As I said before, good content solves problems for potential customers.

This creates trust and opens up interest in the company and the products.

Many companies rely on storytelling as part of their content marketing. The Coca Cola group, for example, replaced its company website with its own online magazine called “Journey.” Coca Cola uses this platform to publish content on the Internet that often only marginally or not at all addresses the company’s beverages.

Final Thoughts

The majority of the buyer journey now takes place on digital platforms. Your marketing and sales measures must, therefore, also become digital.

Online content marketing works better than advertising because many consumers try to avoid advertising. Write useful content such as blog posts or videos to attract potential customers to your website.

You may hire a content writer in the process. However, the latest approach is to use AI in your content writing.

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