Top crypto airdrops coming in 2022 and 2023

Metamask, zkSync, Arbitrum, Sui crypto airdrop

Przemek Chojecki


Crypto airdrops are the best way to build your wealth from zero to hero.

You usually have to do some tasks to qualify, be active and use the protocols:

  • swap tokens and bridge them to other blockchains (Metamask bridge, Arbitrum bridge, zkSync bridge)
  • claim testnet tokens and buy NFTs with them (Sui NFT)

In this text you’ll get the ultimate guide to 4 top crypto airdrops together with in-depth videos.

Full Guide to the best new Crypto Airdrop in 2022: Metamask, zkSync, Arbitrum, Sui

Top Crypto Airdrop 2022 & 2023

These are top 4 crypto airdrops right now:

  • Metamask
  • Arbitrum
  • zkSync
  • Sui

Each of these do not have a token right now, but there’s an app you can test or a testnet you can use (and get free tokens on!).

Let’s explain each of these crypto airdrops.

Metamask Airdrop

MetaMask has confirmed Crypto Airdrop incoming. There will be the MetaMask DAO with its own tokens as mentioned by Joe Lubin, CEO of ConsenSys.

To be potentially eligible for a crypto airdrop from Metamask:

  1. Install Metamask from
  2. Deposit some funds (e.g. ETH from ByBit) or buy them directly with a credit card on Metamask
  3. Use a swap (e.g. swap ETH to USDC or DAI) on Metamask —
  4. Use a newly launched bridge (e.g. to bridge ETH from Ethereum to Polygon) —

See the full guide on Metamask airdrop here:

Arbitrum Airdrop

Arbitrum token might be coming anytime soon.



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