Promote your Startup effectively

Engage with your audience to grow.

If you’re just started, got your first office or rather hot desk somewhere, and wondering how do you get your first clients, here’s a text for you. Let’s go over how you can promote your startup effectively to grow your audience.

Promote your startup on social media

1. Give a slideshow presentation

Building a deck in PowerPoint with screenshots is far more efficient than reading stuff on a topic’s article. It’s also far more human.

(That’s my all-time favourite tool)

If you have a presentation, you can start sending it to people you meet at events or just through cold-emails.

2. Pick 10 questions that matter to your startup

Write down the 10 questions that are most important to your startup. In the same way that you get this emails, you can build your deck around the most important questions.

This way you’ll be able to be tell a coherent story why you’re doing what you’re doing, both to your potential clients, employees and investors.

3. Pick questions that matter to your potential investors

Sparks an action plan and a prepare a list of questions, for example:

  • How do you reach your goal?
  • What’s the scope of your idea?
  • What’s your customer profile?
  • Could the idea be expandable?

4. Write down the phrases that make your investors excited

Tell your personal strengths and the stuff you’re able to deliver. Use the “All” topic of my podcast to write in these questions.

The same goes for your potential clients. You need to understand your target audience and think what makes them excited in order to make great impression.

5. Write down vision or mission statement

Why the company’s vision matters? What the mission stands for? What do you set out to accomplish and why are you going to do it?

6. Share your deck on your webpage

Share the deck on Twitter and every other social network you have access to

Start the conversation by sharing your deck with your followers and each other.

To have an engaged conversation you need to be transparent and open.

Present the deck, no holds barred. Ask questions, compare notes, and share the deck on your website, show’s page, and every other medium you have access to.

To summarize it in couple of lines:

  • write down your vision
  • identify your audience and what excites them
  • have a coherent story for why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • put everything in a presentation(s)

Good Luck!

If you want to learn more, have a look at a list of startup books I’ve prepared.

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