PopMasks are here!

Unique 10,000 digital collectibles. Popmasks = Celebrities x CryptoPunks

I love creating unique things and such is the project PopMasks.

Our digital collectible collection with celebrities, created using Artificial Intelligence algorithms (neural networks!), with a human touch and distributed as NFTs.

We will create exactly 777 PopMasks, each 1 of 1, depicting a single celebrity. Some celebrities will be more unique, as well as certain styles and colors. We will release PopMasks in smaller batches over the next couple of months.

The first 30 PopMasks are already minted and available at OpenSea (follow the link!).

The first 100 PopMasks will be sold for 0.02e, then each new batch will be more expensive compared to the previous 100s. The exact pricing will be determined along the way and it will also depend on how unique is a given PopMask (background, celeb).

Updates for PopMasks project

#Update 1 (08.03.2021): Thank you for a warm reception! The batch of 1–100 is out and already almost sold out. Stay tuned for more developments!

#Update 2 (08.03.2021): We’ve just released PopMasks up to 202 ending with two special Elons, with animated backgrounds. Everything is going according to plan and we start minting the 202–302 PopMasks. BTW, you can think about the numbers next to a person’s name as ‘levels’. The higher the level, the more variance there will be to the image: from animate backgrounds, distorted faces to much more! Also, the ascension to the next level is based on popularity: a celeb can attain level 2x+1 and 2x+2 only if levels 2x-1 and 2x were minted and sold. P.S. currently the most popular seems to be Taylor Swift.

All 777 PopMasks are now released and we’re planning new NFT collections generated by AI.

Have a look at our AIA website to stay tuned!

Come and join us!

CEO Contentyze, the text editor 2.0, PhD in maths, Forbes 30 under 30 — → Sign up for free at https://app.contentyze.com

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