Online education in crisis times

Coursera as a new streaming platform. Netflix for online learning.

In this uncertain times, we all experience loneliness, boredom, exhaustion. We simply don’t know what this post-crisis world will bring us. How will job market change? What kind of jobs will be left? When can we go back to work and in what capacity? These are all valid questions and we don’t know answers to them yet.

Best Coursera courses. Netflix for online education.

But all we can do is prepare, and the best preparation is knowledge. If you’re lucky enough to have savings, or still have a job — working remotely from your home or commuting to work like nothing happened — then consider picking up new skills. I’m not here to praise ‘hustle culture’ and tell you to learn an additional language or start a new business or write a book.

Start small with online courses. We all watch streaming services more than usual so why not add to it another one: Coursera.

Coursera is the largest platform for learning online with hundreds of courses from top-notch institutions around the world and millions of students.

It’s never been easier to learn on Coursera: you can pick any course and enroll in it for free if you just want to ‘audit’ the course (see the small print on their website) — that means, you don’t need a certificate for it, you just want to watch the video lectures.

It’s really a wonderful tool and totally for free. Similarly you can find free education from Harvard and MIT on their respective websites for online education.

So that’s it. I just wanted to share these new streaming services which allow you to learn online, for free, from top lecturers.

If you want to try it here’s a couple of lists:

Enjoy learning!


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