Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Contentyze

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a domain of computer science focused on generating text in plain English from raw data.

We live in a fast-paced ever-changing world that is changing at an ever-increasing speed. We have an abundance of technology, but a lack of time to utilize it all. Every gadget and technology are vying for our attention. Whether you work for a business or an enterprise, content forms the core of every decision that is taken.

In contemporary times actions are taken on data. Data is collected in a variety of ways such as reports, analysis, documents. Collecting all this data, analyzing and then finding meaning out of it is a very tedious, cumbersome, resource intensive and lengthy process so much time and resources on such a task is not good for business.

Here NLG comes into the fold.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Contentyze

What is Natural Language Generation (NLG)?

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a domain of computer science focused on generating text in plain English from raw data.

With the help of NLG, you can create a treasure trove of natural content that suits your business and enterprise needs.

This is done through the power of AI and Machine Learning which taps into billions and billions of tokens of unstructured data, present throughout the world wide web and it forms a coherent, structured content tailor-made to user requirements.

NLG tools can fully automate your business processes, providing you the leverage to work on a variety of different things, and not being worried about reports, writing, and summarizing what you are doing.

In retrospect there will be huge division of workload, that would increase your businesses productivity.

What NLG can automate?

NLG can automate the following aspects of business:

1. Business Dashboards

NLG can help in creating analysis reports written in plain English: how the business is doing, where it is performing well, and where there are areas of growth.

It helps you to make meaning through all your business data and helps you understand how your business is shaping up to be.

2. Business Reporting

With the help of NLG you can create business reports powered by data much faster.

You input your company’s data, and minutes of the meeting and the NLG will craft a whole report on the proceedings. For example, you attend three meetings in a day, you take notes and minutes of it all. You just need to input those basic details to get a detailed report on how the meeting went and what was discussed.

3. IoT Device Reporting

NLG applications are centered around reporting and communication.

Hence NLG can be leveraged to create reports on the status and maintenance of IoT enabled devices. This means that if you work in a cloud, having lots of technological devices, and you need the status of each in real-time (date of buying, the next date of maintenance, warranty period, performance reporting) you can use NLG to create reports that provide you all these details in an automated manner.

This would keep your business running smoothly and the chances of running into technological roadblocks would be greatly diminished.

4. Individual Client Servicing

If you have a loyal customer base, and if you want to provide personalized services to get the best out of your client and customer relationship, you can use NLG to create financial and portfolio summaries that are specifically tailored to that client’s needs.

Using NLG you can also provide your clients with personalized updates. This would improve your relations with the customer, and in turn, will help your business grow.

5. Customer Communications

Through NLG you can create customer-centric personalized messages, for example sending automated reminders to the customers, sending them personalized deals, offers and discounts.

Use NLG with Contentyze

Harvard Business Review terms NLG as the next frontier of technological innovation. If you are interested in introducing NLG to your business, Contentyze is the service you’re looking for.

Contentyze helps you grow exponentially by turning your ideas into content.

We integrate seamlessly with your technological stack, allowing you to build NLG applications on top of your current tools. It’s easy to use and fast to deploy. Write to me directly on to talk about your specific NLG needs.

Contentyze helps you grow exponentially by turning your ideas into content.

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