n8n, Extendable Workflow Automation

n8n is an open-source automation tool competing with Zapier and other tools.

Automation is one of my passions. I automate to save time and optimise how I spend my time. And I guess this sentiment is prevalent among both developers and entrepreneurs. If you can save time, you can do more and get deeper into interesting things.

Let me introduce you to n8n.io, the newest automation tool which is open source and extendable.

A workflow in n8n, an automation tool

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation integrates process automation tools to replace manual and paper-based processes through connection of APIs, scripts and infrastructure.

n8n, a Berlin-based company that has built a “fair code” workflow automation platform to let developers quickly integrate any of the apps that they use to work together automatically.

Jan Oberhauser, n8n’s founder and CEO, has raised $1.5M from Sequoia and firstminute capital.

What you can do with n8n.io?

The main thing you can do with n8n is to connect various API and sync data to design powerful workflows.

Sync data between 90+ apps

Move and transform data between different apps and databases without getting caught up in API docs and troubleshooting CORS errors.

Design powerful workflows

Start with simple no-code flows and add javascript functions, conditional logic, or custom http requests in a snap.

Create custom integrations

Design bespoke nodes for a proprietary CRM, endpoints for your product, or any other software, and empower your marketing and ops teams to create their own workflows.

n8n and content generation

My own interest in using n8n arises from Contentyze, a content generation platform I’m building. The endgoal being an easy to follow workflow for generating and distributing contetn at scale.

I recommend you try both tools. Contentyze has a free trial option and n8n and is completely free.

Here’s a video review of n8n:

Happy experiments and automations!

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CEO Contentyze, the text editor 2.0, PhD in maths, Forbes 30 under 30 — → Sign up for free at https://app.contentyze.com

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