Meet Dr. AI by Bosch: AI in medical diagnosis

Vivascope helps to improve healthcare in emerging markets.

There are many regions of the world, where laboratory medicine is scarce. Sometimes there’s only one pathologist to 1.5 million people in a region. There’s often no one to examine blood for diseases and make a diagnosis. Two thirds of the examinations are still carried out with a microscope, which is time-consuming. Bosch Vivascope cell-analysis platform uses artificial intelligence to detect anomalies in bio samples.

To make medical diagnostics more accessible, Bosch has developed Vivascope — a compact device that not only creates digital microscopic images of body cells, but also analyzes them using advanced machine-learning algorithms.

Vivascope can analyze human cell morphology in a short time. Its inbuilt artificial intelligence algorithm analyzes cells’ form, shape, and structure. It categorizes them and detects minute deviations. Vivascope was developed with the support of clinical physicians and laboratory experts in India.

Currently, it takes less than 15 minutes to evaluate a sample.

“If the patient can’t make it to the lab, the lab will come to the patient.”

Guruprasad S., business domain leader for healthcare at Bosch in India

Vivascope analyzes and detects irregularities in cells using artificial intelligence. A doctor does not even have to be on-site to view the biological specimens. Especially in emerging countries, this can save human lives as many people do not even have the opportunity to see a laboratory specialist in the first place.

Vivascope has been recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree in the “Tech for a Better World” category.

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