Mangools LinkMiner Complete Review 2021

LinkMiner is the new backlink analysis tool from Mangools, a company that develops software to facilitate SEO.

Mangools services are extremely useful, easy to use and make your productivity as an entrepreneur skyrocket.

For example, on the blog menu, you have a KWFinder guide (keyword search), which will allow you to know what people are looking for and how difficult it is to position an article on that topic.

In this way, you will always write about relevant things that have a chance of appearing on Google. It really is a turning point in your blog or YouTube channel.

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Mangools LinkMiner Complete Review 2021

What is LinkMiner and what is it for?

LinkMiner is used to discover which pages are linking to which articles.

From that, you can know who is linking to your competitors (and therefore providing them with traffic and relevance for Google). Then, you can contact them to propose to exchange one link for another.

Why would they do that?

Because many times the links are no longer available (the domain has expired, the URL has changed and a redirect has not been made…) or directly because your content is better 🙂

You can also use this information at a strategic level, for example, are you receiving many links from newspapers? Universities? From blogs in a specific niche?

Information is power. You just have to know how to take advantage of it.

LinkMiner will help you work smarter, instead of publishing 3–4 articles a week (which is exhausting) just use the material you already have and try to improve your position by getting external links.

How much does LinkMiner cost?

If you are already using the Mangools suite, it is included!

The good thing about this company is that it is adding more and more tools while maintaining the original price.

What is LinkMiner for

In summary, LinkMiner will help us to know exactly which URLs are linking to any page that interests you.

Logically, if you see that your competition is obtaining very strong links, you can contact that website to propose an exchange.

And I mean competition that is at a level similar to yours.

I can be a small sports media outlet, and comparing my connection with that of the Marca newspaper would be unreal.

Now, we are going to see what we can do with LinkMiner step by step and knowing its functionalities.

How LinkMiner works

As always, nothing better to get to know the tool than to take a tour of it.

Let’s try it to see what is special about it.

First, we enter LinkMiner with our account, and the first thing it asks us is that we provide a URL.

LinkMiner gives us several metrics for each domain or URL analyzed.

These are the data it gives us:

  • Citation Flow: Do you know the Majestic SEO tool? This metric is taken from there and assumes a score between 0 and 100 that helps us measure the relevance, so to speak, of our website.
  • Trust Flow: Also, from Majestic, it is an indicator of quality or credibility. Between 0 and 100, it compares us with many other websites.
  • Referring IPs: This metric tells us how many IPs link us from. This value will be less than or equal to that of referring domains because there can be several domains within the same IP.
  • Referring domains: The number of different domains through which we are being linked.
  • Total backlinks: It is the total number of external links that point to our website.

All in all, LinkMiner is a great SEO tool!

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You can get Mangools with all that 5 tools included — try it with a 10-day free trial here.

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