Growing a Business

When starting PetaCrunch, an AI-powered media company, which focuses on interviewing founders, CEOs and senior executives about their work and how it all started, we didn’t know the level of attention we would get.

After three months of running it online we have been literally flooded with emails, having days with over a thousand messages sent to different recipients. Crazy!

But it was worth it. We have interviewed over 800 companies so far, started a newsletter and built some amazing tools along the way. But primarily we’ve learned a lot from all the stories that were shared with us. Some were very personal and touching, some motivating or highlighting an interesting aspect of being an entrepreneur.

It’s amazing how diverse founders are — there’s no common trait apart from two: patience and persistence. Businesses rarely take-off in the very first year. They need time to start carving their niche in the market.

Understanding how to grow a business from 0 to 100 is what motivated us in the first place to start PetaCrunch. That’s why we’ve decided to put together our very first book, because we truly believe that you can learn a lot by reading about how others started and grew their businesses.

We’ve picked the first 101 interviews we’ve done, spiced it up with an index and editing and here we are — our very first book. We’re only starting. We have already plans for books focused on particular markets, like growing a fintech or growing a blockchain business. We believe that understanding a personal perspective on business is a key to unlock knowledge about building a successful company.

If you want to dive even deeper into growing a business, please visit our website, where you can find even more interviews.

Yours truly,

Kevin Hart, Editor-in-Chief at PetaCrunch

Przemek Chojecki, Chief AI Officer at PetaCrunch

Growing a Business. Lessons from 101 startups is now available!

Check it out on Amazon or Google Books.

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