Find a new job in 2020

Be honest and search a lot.

There are so many different ways that employers hire, decide which position they want to fill, and which job seeker gets in the door. Make sure that your response clearly outlines what you can do to make the company happy, and remember, simply tapping a favorite color is not a job application.

Find a new job in 2020

Add a little humor. Humans love knowing that others think they’re funny, especially if they know they’re funny. Add a small-hearted, little-talked-about element of humor in your replies. Use it when applying for a job, or when meeting someone new. “Are you kidding me? What if it’s a career day, and we have to go over our resumes?”

Incorporate character into your responses. Not only is character an essential part of your job application, but a careful consideration of who you’re talking to and how you respond shows that you’re someone who fits in with your social circles. Interviewers and hiring managers aren’t looking for a particularly polished person, especially if you don’t believe that’s what they want. When on the phone or searching for a job, ensure your responses also include a little bit of personality and humor.

The scary truth is that social media has changed the way people meet new people. You may get to know the person who is applying for a job because the person who contacted you was a friend of someone who did. Or it may be an acquaintance you met online, or a classmate at school, that meets you out in person for an interview, meeting their new boss. When you apply for a job on social media you are often busy at the time, and you will rarely have the opportunity to meet someone you’ve not been in contact with before.

Create a branded resume which includes your main accomplishments, professional photos and contact information. Don’t create a convoluted resume, which consists of a long list of phone numbers, contact information, etc. A polished resume is a clear reflection of your career and professional outlook. Aside from that, a detailed resume shows you’re an efficient, reliable manager and you care about your organization. When choosing your resume format, consider putting your achievements into bullet points, or organizing information into categories, such as Areas of Expertise, General Requirements, and interests.

There’s no need to include the title of the position. Unless your job title has been an integral part of your professional journey, you’ll be using your resume in a non-specific way, rather than your experience. Don’t list a few items under Assistant to a Controller, or some of the boring titles in your company, just give a simple overview of what you have to offer.

Answer questions from the interviewer, address potential qualifications, and provide the link to a previous job application.

Once you’ve completed your job application, and the interview is at hand, deliver a well-rehearsed and complete presentation. You want to convey what it is you can do, how you fit in with the company, and what their process will be to find and secure the right fit for you. All of the elements discussed earlier help shape the search process and eliminate untrustworthy candidates, like the so-called non-qualifiers that can slip through the cracks.

If you’re looking for a great job, you’ll need the best job search experience imaginable.

  • What social media applications have you used?
  • What didn’t work?
  • How did you handle your job search?
  • What’s your best resume advice?
  • Do you have any other advice for job seekers?

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