Fake News Detector contracted by Military

Multi-million dollar contract to battle misinformation.

Primer has won a multi-million dollar contract from the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Special Operations Command to develop and enhance the machine learning platform to automatically identify and assess suspected disinformation.

As Brian Raymond writes on Primer’s blog (summarized by Contentyze):

“We’ve already begun work on this 12-month contract and are seeing promising results in our ability to cluster and evaluate claims.

Our platform can already read and write in English, Russian and Chinese to automatically unearth trends and patterns across large volumes of data, and we will tailor this to provide a continuously updating dashboard for Air Force and Special Operations commanders.

At Primer, our mission is to illuminate the truth.”

Primer is a machine intelligence company headquartered in San Francisco.

They build machines that can read and write, automating the analysis of very large datasets. Primer’s technology is deployed by some of the world’s largest government agencies, financial institutions, and Fortune 50 companies.


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