Experimenting with writing and cloud living

Why I have written the whole story on my smartphone and you should too

I am a heavy smartphone user. Running my own bussiness means I need to have access to emails, phone and certain documents remotely non-stop. Plus, like everyone else I’m on all kind of social medias, texting with friends and collegues. I won’t say it’s not fun.

Consciously since 2018, I’ve started going all mobile. I wanted to have my whole work accessible from anywhere — think total digitisation and putting everything on the cloud. I haven’t yet finished this process but it already benefits me greatly for what it is — maximisation of my time.

We all use smartphones each day, looking at them hundreds of time, opening and closing them without a reason, just for the sake of seeing whether there’s any new message. So why not making them even more useful?

I’m writing this text on my mobile and that’s also a part of an experiment — pushing myself constantly, using every tool I can to grow. It really doesn’t take much to hit ‘New story' on Medium and start writing. What’s the worst that can happen? Nobody will read your story, so what? It’s all about trying and failing and trying again.

Ok, enough.

I’m sitting conveniently on my sofa, Sunday afternoon, thinking about the week ahead. I love planning — writing down what I have to do, what I need to learn or check. I’m excited about the future, because future always brings something new.

Cloud living means being ultra-lean, asset-light, cloud-based. Then literally you can work from anywhere. Your assets are digital, being stored on Google Cloud, AWS or Azure. Your skills can be used anywhere. It’s taking mobile living and digital nomadism to the next level, where you don’t even need your personal laptop/smartphone — you can access to your virtual assets from any device. That’s an ultimate goal of cloud living. Of course it’s not possible for just any venture.

My work consists of

  • Researching
  • Writing code
  • Business planning
  • Meeting people

All in all I’m running an AI-powered business, so it shouldn’t matter where I am. Meetings can be well done through calls, coding and reseach don’t need a physical location. It’s all digital.

When I realized this, I’ve decided to make everything cloud-based.

And this text is a cloud-living manifesto.

I wish all cloud nomads, good luck!

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CEO Contentyze, the text editor 2.0, PhD in maths, Forbes 30 under 30 — → Sign up for free at https://app.contentyze.com

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