Email Newsletters are Back!

90’s are back with emails and email groups… for good.

After going out of fashion in late 00’s and 10’s, email newsletters are back bigger and better than ever. And it’s understandable — with social media full of click-bait ads, content optimized for making you buy more and general internet spammed with ads — genuine email newsletters provide a relief. You can subscribe to whoever you trust, making your own information feed.

Having said that it’s time for starting my own email newsletter. If you’re interested in data science, artificial intelligence and tech entrepreneurship, here’s something for you — come along!

I’ll be testing two sources at first and then decide what works best. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything no matter which one you choose. So what I’m doing right now is:

I’m currently running a couple of websites, in particular my personal one,, and Data Science Rush, with materials about learning data science and progressing your data science career.

On Data Science Rush I’ve implemented today a signup form under each page, so it’s enough scroll down any page and put in your email. It’s that easy!

Revue is one of the two most popular services related to email newsletters (the other being Substack). It is easy to integrate it with Medium and Wordpress and it gives a couple of options for paid email marketing newsletters for premium content which looks like a great option.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive nicely formatted newsletter — think Medium for newsletters kind of thing. Being a heavy Medium user it’s hugely appealing to me and thus here’s my profile. Please sign up if you’re interested in tech news and data science education.

That’s it for this post, my goal with the above newsletters is to make a communication with my followers much smoother and personal. So if you like what I write about or you want to help me along the way, please sign up!

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Email marketing is back.

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