Do you need a degree to find a Data Science Job?

Welcome to 2020 digital economy

With Data Science being one of the hottest job market right now, the question whether you need to finish a computer science degree to become a data scientist is very up to date. The short answer is ‘no’. It doesn’t matter what’s your background, you can become a data scientist.

Data Science Job without a degree.

Can you teach yourself about Data Science from scratch with videos, books, and blogs?

One of the things I most like about learning Data Science is that it’s all about personal development. Data Science is complicated and can be difficult for the novice. I love learning and applying my knowledge in the real world.

So the answer to the question is ‘yes, with enough hard work you can teach yourself about Data Science from scratch’. There are simply so many great sources right now available for free online that it’s just a matter of patience and hard work. You can have a look at:

How to learn Data Science Skills

In most companies, you have to be hired by an existing Data Scientist. If you are not a Data Scientist, you need to prove that you can be an effective junior Data Scientist by:

  • Demonstrating your ability to communicate effectively and consistently with others while also knowing how to direct a database
  • Demonstrating an ability to stay out of the way and stay focused when following directions from a group of other Data Scientists
  • Identifying ways to work efficiently together, improving overall team productivity
  • Providing feedback and encouragement to other Data Scientists

There are many ways to become a Data Scientist. In addition to performing computer science degrees, you could also:

  • Work for a local startup
  • Learn a programming language (using, for example, Python and R)
  • Attend a bootcamp
  • Attend a data science conference

Most companies do not require a specific minimum requirement to get a job as a Data Scientist. They look for a candidate with a lot of passion and a strong track record of accomplishments.

The best way to gain the attention of recruiters is to gain a portfolio of work that demonstrates your ability to solve complex problems. I have talked about that a lot in previous posts, but the crucial is having a portfolio of open-source projects on Github to show what you can actually do.

Become an expert

On the other hand if you want to become an expert, there are many more demands:

  1. Data Scientists need to be highly proficient in Python/R and Cloud Computing.
  2. Data Scientists excel at brainstorming, problem solving and data cleaning. They are either very advanced thinkers or experts at spotting patterns and trends and testing the hypothesis.
  3. Data Scientists excel at statistical analysis. They examine datasets and perform mathematical calculations to test and develop statistical models.

All in all Data Science is a fantastic career.

You’ll be challenged at each step of it and you’ll learn a lot!

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