Data Science Books and Courses

Learn Data Science with books, courses and blogposts.

There’s never been a better time to learn Data Science. I’m a huge fan of sharing Data Science knowledge and in this text I wanted to collect them in one single place.

Data Science materials to learn. Books, courses, blogposts.

Data Science Books

The choice of materials to read is vast and it might be difficult to start with something. That’s why if I were to pick only one book for a smooth start, I’d go with Data Science from Scratch. It’s an introduction to Data Science for total beginners. You don’t even have to know Python to start!

For more books, have a look at this text about Data Science books.

Alternatively, you can follow my free Data Science Crash Course here on Medium.

Data Science Courses

Having a teacher which can guide you through the process of becoming a Data Scientist can help a lot.

The most popular Data Science course right now on Coursera is definitely IBM Data Science. It is a professional certificate which is composed of 9 courses. It starts slowly by explaining what is Data Science, what methodology and tools one uses, to go into data processing and data visualization, to finally arrive at machine learning. This is a great certificate to have on your resume, whether you’re just starting or you’ve done a bit of data science already.

Have a look here for more courses recommendations:

Data Science Job

If you want to become a Data Scientist, then have a look at those texts:

You’ll learn about steps necessary to start up your Data Science career.

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Data Science Job: How to Become a Data Scientist

Finally, if you want to have an overview of what it means to be a Data Scientist, then have a look at my book Data Science Job: How to become a Data Scientist which will guide you through the process.

*disclaimer: the above link to my book is affiliate, thank you for your support!*

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