Contentyze releases a New Beta Platform

New Contentyze platform is here with new frontend, new machine learning models and greater ease to create content at scale.

I’m excited to announce that since last week the new Contentyze platform is up and running at You can test it yourself by signing up here.

I have recorded a video tour of the platform, where I talk about the features available on the platform like:

  • writing marketing copy on any subject
  • generating a review of electronic products on Amazon
  • summarising a blogpost or an article

and of course, there’s much more. See the whole discussion on YouTube:

We’re still early in the process and we’re looking forward to your feedback!

Let us know what are your content marketing needs and what we’re missing in Contentyze.

You can contact us through mailing forms available on our website, or leave a comment directly under this text.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Contentyze in the near future.

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**Originally this text appeared on Contentyze blog**

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CEO Contentyze, the text editor 2.0, PhD in maths, Forbes 30 under 30 — → Sign up for free at

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