Climate Change is here

The world will be transformed as never before. Climate Change will be the defining challenge of our time.

Climate Change poses a problem for the planet’s climate, the science community agrees. But there are too many unknowns and uncertainties that need to be understood, in order to be able to predict the impact of future climate change.

The global community is already coming on board and putting their money where their mouth is, to show that they’re already taking steps. We should see that translate to action because this is the moment of truth.

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So what is Climate Change?

It is a natural phenomenon caused by the interaction of two fundamental forces. The atmosphere is warmer because of increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The Earth’s atmosphere is a system consisting of gases that are released into the atmosphere as light and heat, which is then absorbed by water vapor, gases, dust and other materials in the atmosphere. These gases come in large and small quantities from the ground through the atmosphere and are dispersed over a very wide volume in the atmosphere.

It is a gradual and dangerous change in Earth’s temperature. It is caused by a series of factors, one of which is human activity.

Global temperatures have been rising since the mid-20th century. Because of global warming, weather events such as droughts, floods and extreme weather tend to form. In some countries, like the United States and China, people are living in areas with less water and less time to plant fruit and vegetables.

The major cause of severe weather is human activity: burning of fossil fuels for heat and power generation, and the burning of the atmosphere for high-altitude pollution.

Catastrophic Consequences

We are going to be living with catastrophic consequences, like drought or heat waves. We are going to see more wildfires and hurricanes and more droughts. That is the result of human activity and that is the scientific fact.

As the world is engulfed in an existential crisis and the world as we know it on this planet, there are many questions that are important but difficult to answer. We have to focus at the same time on how we can make that progress while addressing the climate change with an open mind.

It is too soon to know the extent of impact and to what extent this will be a good thing or bad thing and we have to be careful about that as we go into these critical years.

Our Future after a Climate Apocalypse

The Earth is in serious jeopardy.

The icecaps will melt and sea levels will rise at a rate that is likely to be comparable to those experienced at the end of the last Ice Age. And this prediction of human extinction comes after a previous study which said carbon dioxide could be responsible for the loss of more than four billion trees by the end of this century.

You can check out how long it would take a planet warming at 5 degrees Celsius to wipe out 90 percent of all species on the planet — a scenario that scientists are now predicting. By contrast, CO2 is responsible for one-third of today’s climate change.

While we can’t eliminate global warming entirely by halting consumption of coal, oil, and natural gas — the energy sources we currently employ — we can drastically reduce our carbon footprint by taking action in three ways: reducing the number of vehicles we own, using renewable energy sources more efficiently, and reining in overused fossil fuels.

The bottom line is that our government, corporations, and private individuals don’t have control of the fossil fuels we generate, nor do we wield power over the carbon pollution we release. Instead, our lives depend on a system which keeps our planet habitable, and thus is based on cooperation and accountability in which humans come second in our responsibility to protect our environment.

We should act now!

This text is a part of Synthetic Content series: articles which I have entirely generated by deep learning models and have only done edits and cuts for the optimal presentation and to ensure that no untrue claims are written.

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