Build a Marketing Strategy with AI

Marketing is about to be transformed by AI.

Przemek Chojecki
4 min readFeb 3, 2020


In marketing, AI can be used to analyze social media trends to estimate customer segmentation. It can also be used to use predictive analytics to figure out what type of products will be a major focus of the consumer/retailer and help to create campaigns.

Marketing Strategy in AI world

AI is also able to analyse where customers go when buying a product and create campaigns that predict what kind of psychology will drive them to buy and learn about products.

Marketing is not all about clever algorithms. It is also about effective implementation of those algorithms and a properly calibrated communications. Furthermore, a special group of artificial intelligence experts are looking at the Internet of Things (IoT) as part of the marketing machine and offering the ability to predict the behaviour of your customers in real time and in real life with offline shops or locations. AI also helps retailers by predicting which brands are most successful to increase brand loyalty.

AI-related technology is developing at a faster pace than a few years ago, so what will companies in the future do? They will use AI-related technology to predict consumer behaviour and use it to develop, promote, and market products. Through AI, retailers will gain valuable insights of their customer’s purchasing behavior and react accordingly.

Why you should invest in AI now

Marketing is a huge business. This is an industry that has created large profits. It has created the innovative, disruptive culture which has allowed businesses to become successful. It has been a smooth and well-made run to date but that’s about to change. It needs to be revolutionized, and that is what Artificial Intelligence is all about.

In the future, Artificial Intelligence will be made available as a platform to retailers and marketers. This will open up new avenues in marketing which we have not even imagined. The roles of marketing professionals in marketing will change, as Artificial Intelligence will offer marketers the ability to predict and then execute marketing plans. You don’t have to worry as AI makes more efficient use of your marketing budget, but it also takes more demand off of your marketing…



Przemek Chojecki

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