Bitcoin Billionaires

Story of brothers Winklevoss

Przemek Chojecki
1 min readAug 1, 2022


You’ve probably seen Winklevoss brothers in The Social Network, a movie about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

They were portrayed as these evil twins wanting to take over Mark’s creation. As we know now the truth is a little bit more nuanced.

Winklevoss twins didn’t have it easy after Facebook loss. They were not accepted in Silicon Valley circles and needed to find something else to do.

And they did!

Bitcoin Billionaires — Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

Bitcoin early days

The book Bitcoin Billionaires is an amazing account of Winklevoss twins going from most hated in SV to successful investors and billionaires thanks to their stake in bitcoin.

They bought in really early, and bought a lot.

This book is a great account of how these early days of bitcoin looked:

  • disappearing exchanges
  • Mt. Gox failure
  • Silk Road and bad rep for crypto
  • hustlers and grifters

and much more.

Totally recommended, you can grab a book on Amazon!

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