Best Wishes for 2020

What you should wish yourself for 2020

We’re entering 20’s, a crazy decade, where everything will be possible. While the world is getting more interesting with every single day — just think, climate, politics, technology — let’s pause for a minute and think what we should wish for this coming year and the whole decade?

Best wishes for 2020. New Year and New Decade.

More focus

In our fast-paces world we are constantly on our smartphone, always online, always ready to respond. This, as we tell ourselves, boost our short-term effectiveness but has a heavy toll on our concentration and thus our long-term results.

Let’s wish ourselves that we spend in 2020 less time with ever smarter smartphones, less time with social media, less time looking at another YouTube video, less time on Netflix and less time online in total.

Let’s wish for more human eye-to-eye interactions, doing things together, offline experiences of the outside world.

More openness

Since 2016 US elections we became more aware of how social media can be used to influence social opinions and divide. The last three years showed that we became even more divide, entangled in our social media bubble, closed to different opinions.

This tendency is global and it goes from Washington through London to Warsaw. Even though it might seem like only your country or your city became more closed, it is a global phenomenon. We rather use emotions than rational arguments. We get irritated quicker when presented with a contrarian view.

Let’s wish for the openness, for being able to listen to other people no matter what’s their background. Without openness we will collapse as a civilisation, as we have many hard problems to face — think ‘climate’.

More positivity

It’s hard to ignore the fact that we became more negative with the raise of the Internet. Forums, boards, social media comments — we’ve all seen hate and trolling.

What we need is positivity, positive reinforcement, ‘you can do it’, ‘you’re doing great’, etc. We need each other to be more helpful, because no one knows what’s going to happen. We are all confused, nobody figured out what’s come next.

Let’s wish for good attitude, optimism, positivism, empathy.

New Year 2020

We’re entering a wonderful year and an amazing decade in human history.

Let’s make it count together.

All the best for 2020!

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