Best Tips For Writing SEO Optimized Article in 2020

SEO tips based on this very article: headlines with keywords, quality, paragraphs, SEO tools.

Are you looking for the best tips to write an SEO optimized article in 2020? If YES, then please keep reading our guide because we bring you the latest tips from experts.

Best Tips For Writing SEO Optimized Article in 2020. Headlines with keywords, quality, paragraphs, SEO tools.

We all know just how important writing an SEO post is to set the game up and really get some insight and views on your articles. As years go by, the competition gets tougher, and new things start to come along, which is why we created an expert guide to tell you about the best tips for writing an SEO optimized article in 2020.

Quality Matters

Let us get this straight; the quality of your article is one of the major things that contribute to having a great SEO article in 2020. It must be engaging enough to the reader and should have the keywords written as naturally as possible for the purpose of content marketing, besides amazing SEO, your content quality is another important thing that you must count.

Use Paragraphs, Headings, and Proper Fonts:

Try to write short paragraphs with sentences that actually make sense when you’re writing a killer SEO article. You must write each and every sentence with logic. Once you are done writing, try to set the headings and the proper font style and font size in order to really get that level of readability.

While writing an SEO optimized article, make sure you attain the level of readability required for a viewer to stay engaged.

Length of The Article And Keyword Research

The length of the article and the keyword research is one of the keys to writing a top-notch SEO article in 2020. After you are done deciding your topic, think about the suitable word count. Wordcount has to be at a minimum of 300 words.

Also, make sure you get the keyword density of the article right and make sure you put in the keyword in the right place as naturally as possible. Usually, the start paragraph of the article, the mid, and the last paragraph are suitable.

Attractive Meta Title and Description

Not many people will tell you how important it is to write a good meta description and meta title for readers to actually click on your article and read it.

Both the meta title and meta description should not only be written in an attractive way but also must be added to each SEO article you write in 2020.

They are extremely important to get views on whether you’ve written a piece of information or are promoting your business idea.

Adding Links to The SEO Article:

Yes, it is extremely important to do both internal and external linking to the SEO article you wrote. It’s a good idea to link back to not only old posts but also strong websites. It allows the readers to build trust, recognize you as an authentic source, and spend more time on your website or blog.

We hope this guide on writing the best SEO article 2020 was informative. Let us know what you think!

If you want let’s have a look at this article:

Meta Title

Best Tips For Writing SEO Optimized Article in 2020

Meta Description

If you want to know about the Best Tips For Writing SEO Optimized Article in 2020, keep reading this guide.

Top 10 SEO Tips based on this article

1. This article is completely SEO optimized with keywords provided.

2. I have made small paragraphs and written short sentences because in this way content becomes easy to read and readers read them completely without any problem.

3. This content is user-friendly thanks to H1 and H2 heading tags.

4. Add high quality copyright-free images. use your targeted keywords as the name of the photos and use it as an alt text as well because images rank faster in Google. If image ranks then content ranks as well.

5. Add as many links from your own site to this article as you can and bold the text and change its colour so that it is visible to the reader and he can read other articles of your site as well but make sure that those links are relevant to this post. If you don’t have any related article to this article then don’t do internal linking. It is helpful if you have relevant content but it can backfire if you don’t.

6. Add 2–3 links from other websites as well to show authenticity to Google but make sure that the colour of the link text is the same to the other text so that it is invisible to the reader and he may not go to the other site as we do external links only for Google.

7. Always keep an eye on your competitors and use tools like ahrefs and SEMrush to see their top-ranked keywords and top-ranked pages to find out in which direction you should go in order to beat them

8. Longer is better, so always write those extra words.

9. If your site is on WordPress or Shopify then you can use SEO tools like Yoast to do the ON PAGE SEO as well; or hire a SEO expert for that task.

10. Don’t forget to add SEO meta title and meta description for snippet optimization.

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