Best Marketing Software Tools in 2020

Let’s have a look at marketing platforms available right now.

Marketing is a key to success in any business or personal project. It’s how you market your product or service which determines how many people interact with it. In our digital world there are many tools which are great for marketing and can be used to boost your efforts. Let’s review marketing tools worth trying in 2020.

Best Marketing Tools in 2020.

Marketing Tools to watch in 2020


The greatest challenge in the marketing world has always been consolidation. In a box of different items how can i with just typing specifications arrange these divergent items first in the order of preference and relevance. After this is done almost half of the work is already done what is left is just the follow up actions in order words how can a marketer turn scattered data which can be compared to gibberish and turn it into readable data something that is can be referred to an actionable intelligence. From as much as 400 or more sources of information strictly following the requested requirements and modifications, this tool harmonizes the results thereby reducing time that would have otherwise spent on data filtering hereby speeding up the decision making process of the marketer.


Imagine a tool who can from over 40 different sources examine the effect of your marketing efforts. Everyone wants to take stock, wants to understand the developments they have made so far their marketing. Now with Whatagraph you do not need to check individually the channels generating the most traffic or the various positive reviews made by potentials customers evaluating your product. It saves time and gives the accurate representation of your results which will enable the marketer figure out the best next step in the shortest time possible.

ProProfs Survey Maker

This is another type of survey tool however it goes a little step further to encompassing under areas not covered by the previous tool. This is an SaaS-based tool which like the other gathers customer or employee review. Now unlike the previous tool right now you create polls in-app surveys, NPS or popups. You can also improve your products bases on the different requirements of the target population. So with the tool you discover needed changes and effect them. Also you get to share this developments and reviews for even a larger group to see either on social media via email or on your site.


We have examined tools which will enable you examine timely performance of a given brand. Now imagine a Tool which will show you this performance over time, where up change of a campaign strategy its effect is immediately presented giving the brander the information he needs to stay on top of his game. With this tool the brand owner can successfully know how best the stage his plans on the best way the reach the target audience in order to get the required effect.


Now with this tool you do not just get to see the traffic on your site or see the review of the customer or see how many likes or comments. Right now you have exactly what it takes to get into the mind of those who visit your site by keep tabs on scroll maps and click maps and heat maps. Basically the attitude of the visitors to your site will be laid bare in front of you, giving the advantage of looking at what things got their attention what they noticed, what made them notice it and how to get their attention.

What marketing tools do you use on a daily basis? What’s your favourite? Please share your feedback below in a comment.

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