Become a Data Scientist

No matter what’s your background, you can find a Data Science job.

I know how hard making a career change is as I’ve done it myself. I went from being a mathematician, working at a university, to being a data scientist and building my own AI company. I’ve changed my domain of expertise and I’ve changed my modus operandi. It was really hard.

And because it was hard, after 3 years of making this change I’ve created a course for anyone out there who wants to jump into data science and become a data scientist right now (or is in business, but wants to learn how data scientists operate).

Data Science Job: How to become a Data Scientist

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The course is available right now on Udemy and you can simply follow the link to subscribe and learn right away.

Let me describe what’s inside. This is not a course about data science concepts, I don’t teach you how to build neural networks, or whether you should go for Keras or PyTorch. It’s about:

  • building a portfolio of Github projects
  • polishing your CV on LinkedIn
  • applying for data science jobs
  • and becoming a data scientist

It’s more about the soft side, even though I give a lot of links to free materials online so that you can keep on learning.

Moreover each lesson has a complete set of lecture notes, ready to be printed and read afterwards.

So don’t wait and jump straight into it!

And if you want to learn more, have a look at courses on Coursera which are perfect for learning data science. On Data Science Rush I collect data science educational materials: books, courses, tutorials. Check it out!

Happy learning!

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