Aptos Crypto Complete Guide: token, airdrop, opportunities

Przemek Chojecki
2 min readNov 14, 2022

Aptos is a new Layer 1 blockchain that is faster, more secure, and more scalable than other chains we have now. It was built by former Facebook engineers.

In this text I gather all the necessary information to start with Aptos.

Complete guide to Aptos blockchain: Aptos crypto APT, Aptos wallet Pontem, Move languge & more

Where to buy Aptos tokens?

You can buy Aptos APT coins on ByBit a crypto exchange (this is a referral link with up to $4050 in bonus).

If you want to hold your Aptos tokens in your own wallet, create an Aptos wallet on Pontem: https://pontem.network/

You can use LiquidSwap to change APT tokens into other crypto coins: https://liquidswap.com/#/

Learn more about Aptos here:

How to claim Aptos crypto airdrop?

The first Aptos crypto airdrop was already claimed, but because Aptos team wants to airdrop up to 50% of APT tokens, we can expect another round of airdrops.

So it’s worth playing around.

For example there might be a potential crypto airdrop on Aptos to be claimed for using NFT markeplaces:

  1. BlueMove — confirmed MOVE token in the future: https://bluemove.net/
  2. Topaz — largest NFT marketplace on Aptos: https://www.topaz.so/explore-collections
  3. Souffl3 — NFT aggregator marketplace on Aptos: https://souffl3.com/

Aptos will airdrop over more tokens to its mainnet users. The first airdrop distributed 20% of total tokens, and the next ones will have over 30% to distribute.

See it in action here:

What is Aptos Move programming language?



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