Cover letter and resume explained.

So, you need a job, and your potential employer needs a resume and a cover letter? We’re here to help!

First, let’s distinguish between a cover letter and a resume, because yes, these are two different things. For some, it may be obvious, for others — not so much. No one’s judging you, there’s a lot of confusion in the subject.

In this article, we will help you distinguish a resume from a CV from a cover letter by giving their definitions. Then, we will tell you how should your cover letter look like. The rest is up to you!

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How to write a Cover Letter in 2021?

What is a Resume

Best tips for social media channels.

Writing a social media post may seem like a pretty straightforward thing for most of us right? The truth is that a lot of people get stuck when deciding to write a post especially ones who haven’t been doing it for a while.

The first thing in writing a post will be deciding on the goal you want to achieve with the post. Here are some common goals that business owners like to achieve with their posts:

  1. Build a following
  2. Create awareness of their brand
  3. Get new leads
  4. Get sales

Social media is about instant sharing, connecting with the audience…

An improvement upon AutoML is here!

Google has just announced Model Search — a framework that implements AutoML algorithms for model architecture search (at scale).

The goal here is to make the exploration and discovery process of the right ML architecture much faster. Let’s dive into it!

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Google Model Search — AutoML framework

How to use AutoML from Google

The simplest case is described in Model Search Github documentation.

We start with a csv file where the features are numbers and we want AutoML find us the best model architecture.

This is how to do it:

import model_search
from model_search import constants
from model_search import single_trainer
from import csv_data
trainer = single_trainer.SingleTrainer( data=csv_data.Provider( label_index=0, logits_dimension=2, record_defaults=[0, 0…

Wallstreetbets, meme stocks, Gamestop, Robinhood, Dogecoin, Elon Musk, et al.

At this point in time you’ve probably already heard about Wallstreetbets, short squeeze and Gamestop stock (and other meme stocks), but let’s start with a quick recap.

Wallstreetbets is one of popular subreddits (5m users at this point), online forums living within the Reddit ecosystem, focused on making bets on the stock market. Members particularly like putting money into call options, which if successful, allows them to make a huge profit, while if not… well, they basically expire worthless. It’s usually a huge casino made out of stocks.

Squeeze through banding together. Last year one user (DFV), noticed that Gamestop…

Listicles are a great way to showcase examples in any niche.

Listicles are articles formatted into a list, usually focused around a particular niche, like:

  • 5 best gaming laptops in 2020
  • 7 ways to lose weight at home in 2021
  • 11 software tools for digital marketers

The more specific you can be with the niche, the better. Especially well-working are long-tail keywords: “acer gaming laptop” or “yoga for weight loss”. This kind of long-tail keywords is also a great way to create an interesting title.

So how to find them, and make sure that this is what people look for?

By using Keyword Finder tools, SEO tools that allow you to…

Best Data Science books for any level.

Data science is undoubtedly one of the hottest career choices right now. Companies (many of whom have data science departments) are hiring data scientists around the board. It is a considerable thing to become a data scientist. It is also a fantastic opportunity to hone your expertise if you are already a statistician and want to step through the ranks.

This article discusses the most popular data science books for any level.

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Data Science Books you should start reading in 2021

Beginner Data Science Level

If you are just beginning your quest on data science, you can check all these books out:

Here’s the top ML books at every level.

Machine Learning is on the raise with big businesses implementing AI in every single business domain.

If you want to jump in, or you’re already in trying to learn more, here’s the list of top machine learning books you can find in 2021. Whether you’re an absolute beginner and haven’t heard of Python before (it’s not a snake!), or you’ve dozens of CNNs in PyTorch, you’ll find something for you. Read on.

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Top Machine Learning Books to read in 2021 — a guide for everyone.

ML Book for Absolute Beginners

If you want to start with Machine Learning, then you should read this book:

That supervised learning is learning from examples, where the training dataset is separate from the test dataset.

That unsupervised learning is when there is no labeled training dataset, you are learning from data without explicit labels.

That semi-supervised learning is a mixture of unsupervised learning and supervised learning, where the training dataset is a mix of labeled and unlabeled examples.

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What is supervised machine learning and how does it relate to unsupervised machine learning?


In this post you will discover several types of machine learning that are most commonly used.

It can be helpful to remember that we often learn by example, so what we often need to do is learn from examples. However…

Natural Language Processing

Bets for the year 2077 and before that as seen by GPT-3

Disclaimer: This text was generated using GPT-3 using some minor edits by the author.

Artificial intelligence is set to grow over the next 6 years and it is difficult to think of an industry that it will not impact in some way. It will not just be another piece of technology; it will alter the way we live and work on countless levels. It will evolve. We will see more integration of Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Personal Assistants, and Speech and Image recognition.

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AI in 2077 and before.

We will be able to create products and services that can be produced quickly and which…

Create a better copy with Artificial Intelligence.

In the online world we’re living right now, content marketing is key. Engaging your audience through valuable texts, pieces of information, newsletters and more is crucial to build a brand in the long run. Moreover the creator market is on the rise — people consume more content online than ever before and this trend won’t change in 2021. That’s why the best strategy to meet your audience is to create where they consume content already.

I’ve been experimenting with the ‘passion economy’, the creator space, for many years and I’ve finally taken it to the professional level last year, in…

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